Anthony ranks as one of the most decorated Speedcubers of all time and has appeared in enough major news outlets to match every year of his life.


Anthony Brooks contacted us to help polish his personal brand, build an online store, and share his passion hoping to inspire others.


  • Design a logo representing the identity of Anthony Brooks and Speedcubing
  • Create a website that represents the speed and movement of the Speedcubing community
  • Develop a flexible blogging platform as well as live stream to help connect with his fans
  • Design a fully responsive website accessible from all devices
  • Organize and develop a resource page to provide educational content about Speedcubing



“Detail was completely reliable and present from start to finish. Sam went above and beyond to meet our goals and tight deadlines. Melanie is a very talented designer, and Christie was able to offer a fresh and very thoughtful perspective on building a brand. Anthony’s website is now spectacular thanks to them…everyone who sees the site is impressed.”

Tiana Cheney, Director, Brooks Cubing